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The high ropes course and zip-line have been an important part of Fort Faith Camp for many years. Many teens, young adults, and even some “not-so-young” adults have climbed the rock wall and made their way through the course and down the zip-line, conquering their fears and encouraging each other along the way.


Recently, the State of Michigan has made changes to their inspection and licensing process which is going to require us to replace almost every piece of equipment used for the course. This means that we will need to purchase all new ropes, harnesses, safety lines, helmets, carabiners, and more in order to continue this activity at Fort Faith.


The total cost will be around $7,000, and in order to continue using the high ropes course without interruption, we’ll need to raise that by the beginning of May. We need your help! First, please pray with us, trusting that our Great God will meet this need. Next, please consider what you might give to help us with this need.


Even if you can’t help financially, please help us spread the news about this need by sharing this with as many people as you can.

Won't you consider donating something?

Every little bit helps!


We need your help!

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