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Here's what some people have to say about camp


Family Camp


I liked playing when I fed the horses and the "parent hunt" in the dark.


- Mededith, age 6


We spent the whole week without the TV and the kids played outside and didn't get bored. It was a great way to shut down some of the distraction of the world and reconnect as a family in a Christian setting.


- Brooke, Mom


Family Camp was a good time to focus on family and relationships. I kept my phone off. Great activities for the kids, great fellowship for the parents and time set apart for family activities. Pastor Phil did a nice job preaching. I came back from camp re-focused aand happy (after we caught up on sleep).


- Chris, Dad



Teen Camp


I love teen camp!

- Jacob




I love helping rake leaves and chop wood in the fall - It's the best!


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