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Our Camps

Camp changes the lives of campers and workers alike. It brings young people out of bad situations and worldly influences and allows God to work in their lives. They get to hear great preaching and see Godly influences. Campers are able to create relationships with other Christian young people and adults.

Summer Camps.

Our summer camps challenge young people and help build their character. Most are a week long and geared around different themes that encourage team work and friendly competition. All activities are used to help the young people open up and become more receptive to what God has for them. Paintball, high ropes course, zip line, water slide, swimming and field games are just some of the things that keep the kids busy and having fun.  Chapel services are a great opportunity for God to speak to hearts through preaching and singing. Scripture memorization, personal devotions and cabin devotions also help the kids draw closer to God while being away from distractions the world throws at them in their day to day lives.

Winter Camps.


Winter camp is a great time for young people to get a break from school and come to worship, learn about God, and have fun through chapel services, snow games, and sledding! They'll enjoy the outdoors, then come in to the heated cabin and drink hot cocoa while playing fun indoor games or sitting by the fireplace. They will sing praises to God in the chapel services and hear challenging preaching along with devotions in their beds at night. By the time they leave, they will be recharged and ready to face anything the world throws at them throughout the year.



Weekend retreats are the perfect opportunity to gather together with likeminded believers while doing the things you enjoy most. Whether it's at a men's retreat, target shooting and hanging out with the guys, or a couples retreat, spending time with the person you love most, you will be sure to have fun and grow closer to each other and to God.  We offer a clean and cozy retreat center with a brand new attached bathhouse, along with great food to enjoy, all in the midst of God's beautiful creation.

One Day Outings.

Spend the day sledding, swimming, playing paintball, tubing down the river, playing on the playground, or whatever sounds fun to you!  Come and eat, pick your favorite activities for a day, and see what God is doing at Fort Faith!  Contact us for more info on bringing your church or group for a one day outing.

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