Here's what's going on


There's always something exciting happening at Fort Faith Camp! Here are just a few of our current projects - please be sure to pray for the needs associated with each one. Let us know if you'd like to help.

High Ropes Course


Because of recent changes in the State of Michigan inspection and licensing process, we will need to replace much of the equipment used for the high ropes course and zip-line. We need help with this unexpected expense if we are going to continue using the course uninterrupted this year. Please click here for more information on how you can help.

Dining hall addition


We are planning to start construction on the dining hall addition. This project will provide an additional 1,000 square feet of rustic dining space. It will expand a very important area and allow us to accommodate larger camps. We are in need of more funds to complete this large project and would love it if you would consider giving.  If you would like to give a donation, mail it to 5005 210th Ave, Morley, Michigan, or you can bring it with you when you come.  We thank you very much in advance!



We have recently redone the waterfront! We cleaned it out, and even dug it twice as deep as it was before! We also redid the blob tower along with the dock making it look a lot nicer and more enjoyable for the campers! It looks just about finished, but we have a few more tasks before it will be totally completed including finishing the newly installed water slide.  


Staff Building


The staff building is looking great! It's a two story building that you can see when you come through the gate, as it is on the back side of the horse pasture. This home will have four rooms to sleep in, a kitchen and living area that staff members will use when they come up to volunteer. This building will also have a boiler room to heat it and an office for creating newsletters and more.