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Come be a part of something HUGE, and join us as we serve the Lord while we have FUN doing it! 

We need both summer volunteers and weekend help! Find more info on how to sign up below. 


Fort Faith Baptist Camp has been has been operating and faithfully serving the Lord since the early 70s. Since then, we have been blessed in seeing over 32,000 kids come through our doors and over 1,000 kids saved. The Lord has been working in mighty ways, and everyone who comes can see how true that really is. Our goal is for everyone to have an opportunity to be able to attend and experience such a crucial part of their lives, regardless of their financial status. To accomplish this, we keep our costs as low as we can, relying on volunteers to help keep the camp running smoothly.  This is an amazing opportunity for teens and adults. It gives them a chance to be a blessing and make a difference as they serve the Lord and create a beautiful and well-run place where kids can retreat from the world and get the spiritual boost they so badly need. Do you want to be that person and help make a real difference in kids' lives


Who are Fort Faith Volunteers? 

A Fort Faith volunteer can be anyone 16 and up who is spiritually growing and excited to be part of an amazing group of workers here at camp. We are looking for people with a servant's heart, strong work ethic, a humble, selfless attitude, and a desire to serve the Lord in many different ways. This is an amazing opportunity and we would love to have you on our team!


What do Our Weekend Fort Faith volunteers do?

Our Weekend Volunteers are part of a new program called "R&R" (Rest and Recharge). Each weekend when camps leave, we will have two groups in place. One to help clean and prepare buildings for the next camp, and one to mow, weed whack, and get the grounds looking great and ready for another week of Christ centered camp.  Our Summer staff is busy all week and need a chance to rest and recharge on the weekends to prepare for the next camp. This leaves an amazing opportunity for our community to come in and be apart of the camp ministry without having to sacrifice weeks of time. It is also a great chance for church groups and families to serve God together, and be a blessing! We will provide all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies so if you would like to help clean, or jump on a mower and mow grass for a few hours, please click on the calendar at the bottom of this page to sign up for a weekend. Thankyou!   

What do Our Summer Fort Faith volunteers do? 

Each day will be spent doing something a little different. Girls will primarily help prep and cook meals, clean and wash dishes, and work in the snack shack/coffee shop. Boys will spend a lot of their days outside, working on grounds and building maintenance and other camp prep work.  Evenings will be spent at chapel, fellowshipping with each other and having a good time. Each volunteer will have clear instructions each day on what to do and a specific leader they can go to with any questions.


Weekends are spent with fellow volunteers and staff in a family setting. The daily work may be difficult at times, but we want you to enjoy yourself and feel like you are getting just as much out of camp as everyone else.  Staff devotions will be held regularly as we get to know each other, and we will take group trips to the beach, fair, restaurants and more.

Where do Summer Fort Faith volunteers stay and eat? 

We have two separate accommodations free of charge--one for the girls and one for the boys. Each trailer is fitted with bunks, a microwave, fridge, stove, and bathroom. Three full meals a day will be provided in the dining hall free of charge, and weekends will be spent around campfires and grilling! 



Interested in volunteering for a few hours this summer? 

We have two types of signups available: cleaning, and grounds work. If you and your family or group would like to take one of the time slots, simply click on the day you want to come, and take the free ticket to reserve your spot. We will provide the necessary equipment for the job and will keep in touch. Message us with any questions you have, and thankyou! 
















Interested in volunteering for the summer? Check out these four easy steps!


Fill out this staff application form and mail it to Fort Faith Baptist Camp.


Wait for a response via phone or email.


Fill out this waiver and background checks.

Make sure to read our camp manual as it is part of the training! 


Welcome to the Fort Faith team! We will keep in touch, get ready to have an amazing summer!

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